About the Badges

Lil Badgers has 120 badges and counting. Everything from playing sports to practicing good manners. They are "iron on" - just one minute on the highest setting.  They are divided into five categories: 

1. Earnys: things your earn like making your bed, emptying the dishwasher, reading a number of books, or going to bed on time.

2. Sportys: playing sports and physical activities.

3. Doees: things you do like camping, collecting things, or flying a kite.

4. Likees: things that you like like zombies, superheroes, and board games

5. Artys: things like performing on stage, creating art, and dancing

These represent childhood experiences. Some have to be earned by doing structured tasks while others are experiences that a child may have for the first time like flying on a airplane or trying new foods. In total, they represent the essential individual..." we are what we do." Collecting badges by experiencing the world leads to strong character development. Lil Badgers' mottos are "Learn to Earn" and "Build a Better Kid." Earning and learning their way through life leads to confident individuals who can go into the future knowing that any obstacle can be overcome with strength of character and hard work.