1.  How to I start?

     We recommend buying a Member T-shirt and 5-10 badges.

Purchasing a Member T-shirt allows your child to become a Lil Badgers Member. Lil Badgers get all kinds of extra gifts and secret surprises along the way. Membership has it's privileges.

2.   Can I just purchase the badges?

      Yes, of course, but you would miss out on all the privileges a Lil Badgers Membership has to offer. Also, after you buy the first t-shirt your child will receive 3 more free t-shirts.

3.  Are the badges iron-on or do I have to sew them on?

    The badges are iron-on.

4.  How do I apply the badges?

         1. Set your iron to the hottest setting.

         2. Place your badge where you want it.

         3. Cover with an old t-shirt or a piece of cotton cloth.

         4. Iron for about 1.5 minutes.

5.   Is there a certain way to arrange the badges?

      You may arrange them any way you like. We recommend arranging them in a random pattern around the Lil Badger logo. Place them close to each other so you can fit 25 badges on each shirt.

6.  Are there any special washing instructions?

     Lil Badgers' t-shirts and badges are made with the highest quality materials,  wash as normal.