Getting started

Congratulations!    Your child is about to become a Lil Badgers Club Member!! 

Here is how it works:

1. Choose a Member T-shirt.  (By buying a Member T-shirt your child will be eligible for 3 free t-shirts and many prizes along their badge collecting journey. Membership has it's privileges).

2. Order badges from,  2, 3, 4, etc at a time, depending on which ones they are to earn first.

3. Decide, as a family, what your child is going to do to earn each badge.

4. Once your child collects 25 badges ( enough to fill a t-shirt) we will send them a free t-shirt ( incl. free shipping!!)  with a new logo that says "25Club".

5. Each time your child hits the 25 badge mark we will send your child a free t-shirt that includes free shipping with a new logo on it - 50Club & 75Club

6. Once the 75Club t-shirt is complete will send your child a super special gift... drum roll please...  the highest achievement available to a Lil Badger and a symbol of amazing success - The Lil Badgers Varsity Jacket!!!

 This coveted jacket is a symbol of outstanding achievement, dedication, hard work, and of course, lots of fun along the way. The Lil Badgers Varsity Jacket can't be bought. It will only be given to those who have earned it. Your Lil Badger will wear it proudly as a symbol of their personal achievement and as a source of inspiration to the other Lil Badgers that will follow in their footsteps. Good luck.